Written by Rick In Florida

I saw something in Costa Rica that I have not seen in a very long time. Fireflies. I know; there are a hundred directions this dissertation could go …..such as pollution, poison, andimgp0248-medium-web-view.jpg environmental arguments out the ying yang …. but I don’t want to go there. Suffice it to say that just seeing these marvelous specks of light in the night brought back childhood memories of my brother and sisters chasing these luminous dots with abandonment on a warm summers eve after dinner. The fact that pv-road.jpgthey thrive in Costa Rica speaks volumes. Where I saw them is another story since it was in the small Caribbean coast town of Puerto Viejo. Puerto Viejo has slammed it’s creaky weathered door shut on globalization so if you are unaware it may come as a cultural shock. The road to PV has been infamous for it’s potholes however this time the road was; to my surprise inhammocks.jpg reasonably good repair, till shortly before P.V. (In town it is another story.) One of the things that surprised me the most about the town was the number of spring break aged tourists there. Many of them were staying at some of the laid back “Hostels” in town where for a few “colones” you can get yourself a hammock and a place to wash up. The young people really amaze me for they seem so uninformed and uninvolved on the one hand and then so aware about other things on the other hand.imgp0276-medium-web-view.jpg They are definitely the meeeeee generation. Juxtaposed to the “informal” structure of civilization in P.V was the really great food and presentation of food available in the most ram-shackled buildingsimgp0253-medium-web-view.jpg with hand painted signs declaring “restaurant”. Several come to mind …. the rice with coconut offered everywhere; was yummy as were all of the entrees be it fish, pork or fowl. (No one eats the beef meat in Costa Rica …. sorry but it really is way too lean, tough and strange tasting due to the free range, grass eating stock from which it comes.) Speaking of cattle here is the view in the morning from the balcony of a great little Hotel on the beach where in the morning the cows come home and in the evening the Fireflies twinkle in the trees.