318514604_97539f3d8f_m.jpgThe trauma of arriving in a foreign country and the crush of new intimidating stimulus can get the best of the best of us! So…..make sure you have made plans for your arrival day to just get acclamated. Having reservations in town the first night is a great way to do this and make sure to prepare some basic sentences in Spanish that you know you will need. (Directions to your B&B,hotel, how much, how long, where is _____ etc.)

There are many great B&B’s and hotels nearby the airport that you can rely on to help you make the start of your trip begin smoothly.

We all see the Jungle, beaches and pools of water flashing before our eyes as we exit the airport ……. the reality is a very busy congested city …. so be prepared.


Relax after arriving, organize, confirm your reservations, plan your trips, get out and meet some fellow travelers and conspire to have a great visit.