The most common complaint that I hear about Costa Rica these days is with regards to the security situation. I can not tell you that security is not an issue but you are not in Kansas anymore when you are in Central America .


I think one of the main problems is perception …….. the prevalent design for city and small town homes in Central and South America includes electric gates, serpentine wire and wrought iron on the windows and doors. Savvy Real Estate hawkers would call this Decorative!

The decorative wrought iron has definitely given the viewer a feeling of perceived threat. So many Expats have started moving into gated communities.

Fact of the matter is if you leave anything unattended or “un-guarded” in Central America you are inviting it’s removal. Quite honestly; the influx of wealthy visitors and Expats with their collection of possessions have been an irresistible temptation for those impoverished in the cities and tourist areas. Best advice is to use common sense about what you wear, where you wear it and watch those things you don ‘t want to loose. Overall the Costa Ricans are wonderful family oriented people.