The first day in a country that is new to you both in geography and language can be overwhelming to say the least. I remember vividly my first trip to Costa Rica and how bewildering the process at the airport was; the customs lines, the onslaught of Taxi drivers and the general mayhem of being immersed into a crowd of strangers.

The reality of the arrival situation juxtaposed with those dreamy photos of waterfalls in the jungle just don’t jive in these moments.


Start and end your trip to Costa Rica with Ric at the The Secret Garden B&B.

The Secret Garden Bed and Breakfast is located in the historic Rohrmoser district of San Jose just a short distance from the American Embassy, museums, shopping and the nightlife.

Your Host, Ric Ellis, has embraced all of those elements of Costa Rican Hospitality. The Secret Garden is charming, friendly and your discreet home away from home during your visit or vacation to Costa Rica.

Ric has an easy going way of making sure that all of your needs are attended to from your arrival at the airport to helping you plan your travel itinerary. Costa Rica is a splendid country with so many things to see and do that you’ll find it invaluable to have Ric’s input pointing out some of the do’s and don’ts as well as what is a definite must see! (

One Response to “San Jose Where to Start?”

  1. La Gringa Says:

    Oh, I remember my first hour in Honduras when the nasty customs agents tried to take my dogs away, even though I thought I had all the necessary papers. I cried!

    Thanks for the link.

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